transparent intensional logic

Book: Pavel Materna, Marie Duzi and Bjørn Jespersen finished rcently the book Procedural Semantics for Hyperintensional Logic (Foundations and Applications of TIL) which has been already accepted for publication in Springer. It is The book attempts both to update TIL in the light of the latest developments in logical semantics and to make the theory more accessible to uninitiated readers. TIL is a theory without a textbook, and although the book won't be a regular textbook containing exercises and so on, the idea is that the careful reader should, after finishing the book, be able to solve semantic and logical puzzles in a TIL fashion. The book contents is available here.

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Book II: Tichý's Collected Papers in Logic and Philosophy, co-edited by Colin Cheyne (Otago), Bjørn Jespersen (Leiden), Vladimir Svoboda (Prague), to be co-published by the university press of the University of Otago and Filosofia, pending funding from the Czech Academy of Sciences (2004). The one-volume book will contain 46 papers and run to around 800 pages. It contains every paper Tichý authored and co-authored, including English translations of his Czech and German papers. The book also contains a brief biography and a brief overview of TIL written by the editors.

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Book III: Pavel Materna has recentl new published book, Conceptual Systems (Berlin: Logos Verlag). It is a continuation of his "Concepts and Objects" (1998) further developing the procedural theory of concepts. It attempts to show the significance of defining conceptual systems as generators of the set of complex concepts on the base of the set of simple ('primitive') concepts. Such events as acquiring concepts, developing language (without developing concepts), comparing various conceptual systems concerning one and the same area etc. are rationally reconstructed preserving the logical character of concepts. The study stays in opposition to wide-spread trends that try to pragmaticize semantics.
His selected publications are listed at his homepage, click here.

Marie Duzí has many activites (than mentioned above):
She is working in Research Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Labis) http://www.cs.vsb.cz/labis/
In Labis it is developed system for reprezentation iof knowledge in multiagents' systems of autonomous agents that are intelligent but not omniscient.
The list of her recent papers is avaliable here.

Bjørn Jespersen is teaching epistemology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Leiden, during the spring term of 2005. Furthermore, Børn has been hired by the Philosophy Section of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology (Bjørn's photo), so far from February through September 2005. He will be working as a postdoc on a project devoted to socio-technical systems. His recent publications include:

  • 'Predication and extensionalization', Journal of Philosophical Logic 37 (2008), 479-99.
  • 'Hyperintensions and procedural isomorphism: Alternative (1/2)', in: Proceedings of ECAP VI, K. Kijania-Placek (ed.), London: College Publications, forthcoming 2009.
  • ' 'pi' in the sky' (with M. Duzí and P. Materna), in: Acts of Knowledge: History, Philosophy and Logic, G. Primiero and S. Rahman (eds.), London: College Publications Tribute Series, forthcoming 2009.
  • 'Procedural semantics for mathematical constants' (with M. Duzí), The Logica Yearbook 2008, M. Pelis (ed.), London: College Publications, forthcoming 2009.
  • 'La bicicletta? Che bicicletta?', Annali della Facolt? di Lettere e Filosofia dell'Universit? di Palermo, proceedings from Convegno internazionale LOGICA & METAFISICA, Department of Philosophy, University of Palermo, 27-29 March 2007, ed. G. Roccaro, forthcoming 2009.
  • 'Six ways of knowing whether', in: The Logica Yearbook 2006, eds. O. Tomala, R.Honzik, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (2007), 93-103.
  • 'Epistemic closure and inferable knowledge' (with M. Duzí, J. Müller) in: The Logica Yearbook 2004, ed. L. Běhounek, M. Bilková, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (2005), 125-40.
  • 'Points of view from a logical perspective (II)', (with M. Duzí, P. Materna), Organon F 14 (2007), 5-31.
  • 'Points of view from a logical perspective (I)', (with M. Duzí, P. Materna), Organon F 13 (2006), 277-305.
  • 'The phone booth puzzle', Organon F 13 (2006), 411-38.
  • 'The bike? What bike?', in: The World of Language and the World Beyond Language/Svet jazyka a svet za jazykom: A Festschrift for Pavel Cmorej, T. Marvan and M. Zouhar (eds.), Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava (2007), 27-41.
  • 'Why the tuple theory of structured propositions isn't a theory of structured propositions', Philosophia (Israel), vol. 31 (2003), 171-83.
  • 'Explicit Intensionalization, Anti-Actualism, and How Smith's Murderer Might Not Have Murdered Smith', Dialectica Vol. 59, No 3.
  • 'Aussonderung as procedure', The Logica Yearbook 2004 (editor: L. Behounek).
  • Jiri Raclavsky is teaching at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk Univerisity, Brno. Btw. among his courses there is one called "The Philosophy of Pavel Tichý". He is currently working on semantical paradoxes and semantical definition of truth within the framework of Tichý's TIL. For preprintsof his papers follow this link..

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