Pavel Tichý



18 February 1936 in Brno (Brünn), Czechoslovakia (now Czech Rep.) - 26 October 1994 in Dunedin, New Zealand



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"Meaning Driven Grammar" (MDG). Current linguistic theories treat syntax of a natural language separately from meaning. They either assume that syntax is autonomous and relegate meaning to a different linguistics 'module', or deem semantics to be a matter of translating ordinary-language expressions into another language (whose meanings are regarded as given). In either case specific coding system underlying the language in question is left undeciphered. MDG is based on the hypothesis that form and meaning are inseparable and that an adequate grammar must generate not just well-formed sentences but sentence-meaning pairs. (Meanings are identified with logical constructions, a notion proposed and explored in previous publications, especially in The Foundations of Frege's Logic.)



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